With over 20,000 voters and 13,000 doors, Dartmouth Centre is a big place. Financial contributions are an essential part of my campaign because it takes a lot of brochures, signs, letters and more to contact everyone. Anything you can donate will help and will have a direct impact on how effective I can be in reaching other voters. Your donation helps spread the word. Thanks for your support!

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Mail Cheques to:

Sam Austin
41 Tulip Street,
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 2S8

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Contribution Rules:

Campaign finance in Halifax is virtually unregulated. In the absence of rules, my campaign is setting its own limits. I will only accept money from individuals and no more than $1,000 per household. I will look at the source for each contribution and I will not accept any money from anyone who has a direct stake in the business of developing land.


Contributions to municipal campaigns are not tax deductible and any donation of more than $50 will be disclosed to the Halifax Regional Municipality as per the Municipal Elections Act. The Municipality makes past contributions of more than $50 received by all candidates publicly available on its website following each election.